3 Key Elements of Bicycle Safety

By Jose Lang / 20/07/2017

The bicycle is one of the most amazing transportation inventions of all time, especially when its longevity is taken into consideration. For three centuries and counting, the humble bicycle has managed to traverse the entire globe, which is the reason why so many individuals of all walks of life use it today. But, while there is no denying that a bicycle is a great invention, its use regularly comes with several types of hazards that can seriously injure the rider or do something even worse. Fortunately, all of these issues can be avoided with several simple ideas on cycling gear, equipment and general rules for riding on the open road.

Personal Protection

Being that the bicycle is a vehicle that is completely open, any unexpected fall from it could easily injure even the most experienced bike users. This is why a bicycle helmet is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to the issue of bicycle safety. There are many brands and manufacturer of helmets, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In general, a bicycle helmet that is tested and verified by the manufacturer should always be chosen before any alternative that was not tested. Aside from the helmet, bike riders should wear some kind of glasses to cover their eyes from things like insects, dust, and dirt. For those who love to ride their mountain bikes on dangerous trails, there are even torso protectors for this purpose which guard the spinal cord and the back of the neck against any injury

Being Visible

A big part of bicycle safety procedures is making sure that all other participants in traffic know that a bicycle rider is among them. This means that a bike should be supplied with both front and back lights that are battery operated, but also reflective surfaces on its wheels and other places, which make sure that the rider is visible even for vehicles coming to it from its sides. We recommend reading some of the top bike lights reviews to find the best option for your needs. Finally, parts of clothing that include fluorescent or reflective elements are also more than welcomed for this purpose.

Following the Rules

One of the most overlooked parts of bicycle safety is the idea of following the general traffic rules. A bicycle rider has to know the traffic rules and also act accordingly. This means that no extreme behavior like doing bike tricks or riding too fast cannot be justified and should not be commenced by the rider. A duty of a bicycle rider is to make sure all of the traffic rules are followed to the letter.

With these ideas on bicycle safety, anyone can make sure that they and their loved ones are safe and sound on a bike.

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