This webpage is a virtual insight into the strong and dedicated life and actions inside our sports agency. We are a team of several experts who have associated their knowledge, skills, experiences, connections and devotion around one idea. We strive to help young, talented, determined and hardworking athletes to start their sports careers, improve them and stay competitive in the sports industry. We provide legal, financial, marketing and media services for all our clients. Our experts negotiate offers and contracts for our clients, conduct them legally correct, deal with players’ finances, open network of connections to them and manage all the aspects of their sports career outside the playground. Our agency, also, organizes educational courses for everyone interested in becoming sports agent. Aside from these topics, our website provides the latest sports news and articles about big sports events and popular athletes. We are settled in Orlando, FL, but our services are available worldwide.

About Jose Lang

Jose Lang decided to merge his law education, marketing skills and love for the sport into one idea and business. He gathered experts in finances, law, media and sport to organize sports agency and offer all services young talented athletes at the very beginning of their career need to progress. He, also, started educational courses designed for all interested in becoming sports agents. The agency has its vivid website with a lot of useful content on the matter, regularly updated.

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