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Jose Lang

Jose Lang decided to merge his law education, marketing skills and love for the sport into one idea and business. He gathered experts in finances, law, media and sport to organize sports agency and offer all services young talented athletes at the very beginning of their career need to progress. He, also, started educational courses designed for all interested in becoming sports agents. The agency has its vivid website with a lot of useful content on the matter, regularly updated.


3 Key Elements of Bicycle Safety

By Jose Lang / 20/07/2017

The bicycle is one of the most amazing transportation inventions of all time, especially when its longevity is taken into consideration. For three centuries and counting, the humble bicycle has managed to traverse the entire globe, which is the reason why so many individuals of all walks of life use it today. But, while there […]


Great and affordable colleges for Sports management

By Jose Lang / 20/02/2017

Sport management is an exciting, lucrative, attractive, but stressful and rather competitive career. Studying sport management opens myriad of career opportunities after graduating. This business profile is adaptable in various fields of sport industry, including sports law, sport finances, marketing and media, jobs associated with coaching and teaching at sport academies, working as a sport […]


Few qualities every sports agent should have

By Jose Lang / 20/02/2017

If you’re a young athlete with advancing career and you’re considering hiring a sports agent to direct, monitor and handle your career, these are some aspects you should bare in mind when choosing an agent. No doubt that you and your results set limits to your sports career, but a bad sports agent could cost […]


Columbia University’s Sports Management ranked 2nd best globally

By Jose Lang / 20/02/2017

If you’re a young professional interested in building career in sports industry or if you are already a sport professional planning to improve your management skills or to transfer into sports management field of business, Columbia University’s master’s degree in sports management should be your next life goal. This educational program was ranked second best […]