Columbia University’s Sports Management ranked 2nd best globally


If you’re a young professional interested in building career in sports industry or if you are already a sport professional planning to improve your management skills or to transfer into sports management field of business, Columbia University’s master’s degree in sports management should be your next life goal. This educational program was ranked second best globally, and it is highly recommended for anyone looking for the career in sports management. The course covers the broad educational field, focuses on various skills every sports manager should acquire and insists on the modern approach to constant updating the matter. Here’s a brief rundown of some major benefits you’ll gain if signing into this educational program.

Broad knowledge and diverse skills

The curriculum includes classes and lessons on various legal and financial topics, sports analytics, marketing and media courses and global sports management. Participants get solid theoretic basis in all these fields, as well as many certificates and licenses referring these topics. Aside from plain academic knowledge, the educational program provides myriad of workshops to develop and improve students’ skills in problem-solving tasks, negotiation procedures, contract setting procedures, public presentations, event organization and management, sports law and finances and many similar useful features.

Collaboration and gaining precious contacts

This educational program includes several months of vivid practices with traveling abroad and collaboration with other universities with similar field of interest. Aside from excellent opportunity for participants to travel, gain experiences, meet other cultures and expand horizons, this enables them to enrich their network of valuable connections and contacts. Working with the colleagues from other countries, colleges and associated fields in sports industry will help them start their sports management career off with great potential and valuable insights.

Learn and progress guided by the best

Authorities and teachers involved with this educational program are famous names in the sports industry. Many of them stand behind some globally popular sports icons, huge transfers, and contracts or lead and manage some of the world’s top teams and clubs. These people have amazing and rich experience, and knowledge to share and their lectures have the highly inspirational effect to most participants.

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