Few qualities every sports agent should have


If you’re a young athlete with advancing career and you’re considering hiring a sports agent to direct, monitor and handle your career, these are some aspects you should bare in mind when choosing an agent. No doubt that you and your results set limits to your sports career, but a bad sports agent could cost you both, money and few great business opportunities. Thus, when analyzing potential agents, check for these qualities aside from their CV.

Experience and signs of professionalism

The more years your sports agent has spent in the sport industry, the better he knows the terms, circumstances, rules of the business game and the wider network of connection he has. On the other hand, rookies tend to be more enthusiastic and full of energy. Either way, look for the signs of professional approach, responsibility, and reliability. You want an agent seriously handling every client.

Trust and honesty

Sports agents earn their money as a percentage of the overall money you earn. But when the contracts are signed and opportunities spotted, you need to be sure your agent is fair, just and straightforward with you. Also, you should be aware of agent’s hard work. Look for the proves that he’s looking for you and your career, that he’s trying hard and forethinking strategies and the given options. When the money is in the game, trust has to be proven beyond any doubt. So, it might be a good thing to keep an eye on your agent’s work at first and to read carefully the contracts you are signing, at least until you and your agent build a steady, tested relation.


Check your agent’s reputation

Public attitude about someone isn’t necessarily true and adequate, but the circle of experts in a certain field usually do know the real value of some of their colleagues. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask around. Request a recommendation, impressions about certain agents and the list of their previous successful contracts and managements. Talking to other athletes is even better because most of them are willing to share their personal experience with their agents. You are certainly looking for someone with a steady, good reputation and no controversies in the previous career.

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