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Several law, financial, marketing and media experts gathered around a common idea and a passion for the sport and founded sports agency a decade ago. We offer our sport management services to all your athletes with a talent, strong will, and great perspective. Our task is to take care of all aspects of their career aside mere practicing and playing, enabling them to focus on their sports results and performances.



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Read some of the testimonials which will help you decide whether or not you should get a super car in our company.

William Johnston

I was finishing my college and scoring pretty great result on my basketball team. The major plan and ambition were to direct my future into sports career. However, I was a talented and hardworking athlete, but I had no idea how to turn my sports career into a professional one. This agency took over and opened several significant doors for me, leading me to this great position and financial payback I have right now.

At first, I was skeptical about hiring any sport manager. I wanted to choose my chances and opportunities and to handle my earned money the way I wanted. But when my career speeded up, the offer started to pop up, and all legal and financial aspects hit me, I decided to handle the tasks to someone professional. So far, I am pretty satisfied with the services of this agency.

Lina Davidson
Elijah Schmitt

My wife and I had a nasty divorce last summer, so I wanted to do something to make her regret it. Perhaps it sounds silly, but it made me feel a lot better to see her astounded face as I drove Lamborghini past her house.


Negotiation with the clubs and teams

Our sports agents are quite familiar with circumstances and opportunities in the sports world, and they know how to catch the lucrative chance for any of our clients. They got knowledge and skills to set a contract between a club and an athlete that’s beneficial for both sides and covers all the aspects of salary and terms of playing client needs.

Media presentation and marketing

Since athletes earn their money directly in clubs and indirectly via advertising and merchandising, their face has to become recognizable in public. They need to have positive public picture built around their name to end up as a spokesperson for many influential sports companies. Our agents provide strong and effective media presentation and all marketing promotion of one client’s career.

Solving legal and financial issues

All business aspects of one sports career go with a lot of legal and financial tasks that should be taken care of properly and professionally. Our lawyers and financial experts provide these services, covering all the tasks popping up along the way of an athlete’s progressing career. It includes contracts, transfers, taxes, salary, percentages for others in the team, real estates, merchandising and many other aspects.


Our agency engages with young talented athletes at the very beginning of their sports career and offers various services to support their career. But since sports career tends to end in the middle age, we provide post-career counseling with education and training necessary for other jobs or business opportunities our clients might follow once the sports career is over.